August 2018  
Upcoming Events


Mt. Olive Prayer Group
11:00 AM
Join us at Mt. Olive for our Prayer Group!!


Homecoming Worship and Luncheon
11:00 AM
Join us for our Annual Homecoming and Luncheon. Our new pastor will the our Speaker.


Holy Communion
11:00 AM
Everyone is welcome to partake in Communion
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Church Vision

            The vision statement of Relief UMC is, “As a small church, use the resources God has given Relief UMC to nurture spiritual growth of members, to strengthen membership growth through Christian witness, and to expand ministries through outreach to others in the world.”  Our vision guides everything we do at Relief UMC.  Let’s take a quick look at each part of the vision statement.

“As a small church…” Relief UMC is a small church and there is nothing wrong with that.  As a matter of fact, being a small church has its advantages.  Being a member of a small church allows everyone to participate in ministry and develop close friendships for support and encouragement.

“…use the resources God has given Relief UMC…”  Relief UMC is filled with talented individuals who have been given many gifts from God.  When we work together with the Holy Spirit and one another Relief UMC has, can, and will do amazing things through us and in us.  We need not look to anyone else, except God Almighty, to help us achieve our ministry goals.

“… to nurture spiritual growth of members…” Relief UMC’s main purpose is to be a place to teach current members, regular visitors, occasional visitors, and future members about Jesus Christ.  We are a church and this is what we do and why we exist.

“…to strengthen membership growth…” Jesus gave the disciples a command to go into all the world and teach anyone who would listen about Him and to baptize those who believe in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20).  Relief UMC will show the community why they need to reconsider being involved at church, and experience how the Holy Spirit works in one’s life through the congregation of Relief UMC.

“…through Christian witness…” This specifically explains how Relief UMC will strengthen membership growth and that is through sharing our stories of God’s activity in our lives.

“... to expand ministries through outreach to others in the world.”  This part of the vision statement provides another way in which Relief UMC will strengthen membership growth and that is through outreach.  What is outreach?  It is identifying the needs of the community and then Relief UMC doing what we can to meet those needs.  Relief UMC is to be a resource for the community.